About Us

Motherhood is a journey. One that is full of laughter, joy, tears and oh, surprises. Despite the unpredictability of this journey, it is still the most fulfilling moment I have and still experiencing.
This journey has been riddled with lots of memories and experiences that made me wonder if all these drama is common amongst mothers.

The curiosity and also the nagging need to share my Mom Moments gave birth to the MOM_MENTZ Initiative which is aimed at providing an avenue where other moms can feel free to share thier mom_ments without fear of being judged & learn through experiences of other moms alike.

I understand how uplifting it is knowing that others are in your shoes and learning what has/hasn’t worked for them – Having a community that understands your pain, shares in your joy and goes the extra mile to help you enjoy the journey of motherhood. For me, MOM_MENTZ is more than a blog – it’s the support system we all need as mothers.

My name is Ifeyinwa Rita Ochonogor and I am a mom of two adorable angels. In my few years of motherhood, i have had my fair share of experiences which I hope to chronicle for you on this blog.

Welcome on board dear momma and please feel free to share your Mom-Ments.
It’s a non-judgmental zone.

Please send your stories to mymomments@gmail.com