Did my brain get switched???

Did my brain get switched???

Why am I constantly looking for my phone?

Wait a minute…can’t seem to remember birthday dates like I used to too…

Can’t even keep tabs on my cycle?

Why did I come into the room again?

Am I losing my mind???

Wheres my phone? (searches table, bookshelf…sniffs)

What’s that burning smell?


It’s from my kitchen.

(Rushes to the kitchen, turns off the burner, opens pot)…ouch!!!

Not again!!!

What’s going on in my head???

Phone rings…there it is, on the microwave.

Me- Hello?
Hubby- Babe what’s up???
Me- Fine love, u?
Hubby- Still expecting the contact
Me- O, Sorry I forgot…will send it right away

Forget is all I seem to remember in recent times, picks up the phone to send contact, starts googling…”DID MY BRAIN GET SWITCHED”

Momnesia…intresting caption!!!

I read through and here are my findings;

During pregnancy, an expectant mom’s brain shrinks due to hormonal activities resulting in loss/decrease in gray matter especially in areas responsible for social tasks such as reading the intention of others from their face,that is being able to interpret feelings by facial expressions, which in itself is an adaptive change that will promote bonding between mother and child, maternal instincts and the likes.

Its therefore safe to say “MOMNESIA” isn’t such a bad thing, its a sacrifice for the greater good of our babies.


[ ] Relax-Rest will do ur pretty head a lot of good

[ ] Include foods that contain choline in your diet as they help in the production of memory formation chemical(acetylcholine) in the brain. Examples of these foods includes,egg,soymilk,nuts,citrus fruits,milk.e.t.c.

[ ] Exercise, I know right? It’s everywhere

[ ] A to-do list will help you organise and remember stuff

[ ] Remember to take things one step at a time, not being under pressure will get more things done for you

[ ] Don’t be hard on yourself, whatever it is remember, blame it on the “mommy brain”

Phone rings

Hubby-Babe, the contact

Me-O yes!!!will send it right away

Hubby-You said that over an hour ago

Me-Sorry dear, its “Momnesia”

Hubby-whats that???

Again my MOM_ment

What’s yours?

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