Post Partum Depression maybe???

Post Partum Depression maybe???

My thoughts/picture of motherhood growing up was so beautiful,like a girl child having dolls to play dress up with & have lots of fun with,how wrong i was…yes its beautiful indeed but this beauty comes with its fair share of sacrifice too.

So after having my first daughter and still trying to get a hang of being a mother & life began to take shape again…after 8 months thereabout it hit me that i was late,yes i mean late(no show)…i guess depression began to slowly slip in w/o my realizing it,not cause i dont love being a mother or my kids but fear of loosing myself in the process…fastforward to when i had my second baby(a rare beauty she is)…i realised having a second child is the real game changer…

I had little or no time for me,not just me;my husband too,financial obligations doubled,body change was dramatic,i seemed to always get moody,irritable,tired…it began to sink in that i was depressed.

Could this be post partum depression???cant say for sure cause i love my baby and cared a great deal…but i certainly didnt love the person i was becoming physically,spiritually,socially and emotionally.

I wasnt going to let depression win…so i was intentional about my taughts,making me happy,spending time with people i loved and loved me back,meeting with other mothers(trust me u can never go wrong with ppl that walk in ur shoes) and living in the moment.


Sorry Mom_ment…Hence this blog.

Whats your Mom_ment

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